Welcome to JRS Competitions Ltd

Ever dreamed of packing it all in and travelling the world? How about owning your dream car or having an endless stash of cash? At JRS Competitions Ltd, we bring those fantasies to fruition, giving you the chance to win incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experiences and prizes.

Better still, because we have big hearts (and we know you do, too) we’ll be giving a percentage of our profits to a chosen charity. Which means everybody wins!

We’ve got some exciting charities in the works at the moment, so watch this space to see the inspirational people you’ll be able to give back to, very soon…


Here’s what we’re planning…

Every time a ticket is bought we’ll give a few pennies to a good cause, just like that. The contribution may seem small, but it adds up to a lot when we all work together.

We want you to be reason that we help these charities. To make more of a difference  get your friends to be more charitable too, by sharing JRS Competitions on your fave social network, you will help spread the message and encourage more people to help a good cause.

We’ll let you handpick the charities
Choose what charities you want to give back to simply by picking the charity you want to help. We will run a competition and see which charity wins the vote and then we will contact the charity and arrange to hand over the money.


Got a question? Click the “contact us” button in the bottom left corner of your screen and search for ‘contact’. Or, to save yourself some time, check out our most commonly asked questions.

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